Shaman's Apothecary

Shaman's Apothecary

Healing Arts

Located in the heart of California's wine country we are an established healing collective using a shamanic based approach to healing  Body, Mind and Spirit we offer Shamanic Journeys and Ministry, Reiki, Plant based medicine, Healing Consultations and therapeutic service referrals by appointment.

Michelle A. McFarland CRP

Shamanic Minister and Breathwork Facilitator

 Advanced Certified Reiki Practitioner

National Amputee Coalition Peer Counselor

Over the last 30 years Michelle has provided consultation, management and training services to major universities, hospitals and corporations throughout the nation. Professionally she has traversed both clinical and corporate healthcare structures in service to indigent and specialized patient/client populations typically overlooked by industry. A lifelong seeker, Michelle's personal journey over the last decade includes turning personal tragedy into active integrative healing as she seeks to balance the challenges of survivorship with the gifts of her personal death experience and subsequent rebirth through the lens of limb loss. Her transpersonal exploration continues to illuminate and inform her deeper understanding of attaining full aliveness through experiential practice and philosophy influenced by the Shamanic wisdom of the North and Central America's Native American oral traditions, coupled with Ancient East Indian Buddhist, Vedic, Hindu and Yogic meditative spiritual practice.  


Our language of love, unity and fidelity in healing knows no borders!